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Dr. David Carpenter has been an expert witness in court cases against Monsanto that have cost the multinational giant tens of millions of dollars.


So Bayer AG, the company that bought Monsanto, set out to destroy David's career and reputation and undermine his ability to act as an expert witness. For a while, the University at Albany went along with Bayer's outrageous plan.


But together, we stopped them!

Thanks to your support, Dr. Carpenter's full academic status has been restored and the effort by Bayer has been rebuffed. 


Thank you! 

See the sign-on letter signed by more than 2,000 people that helped turn the tide in Dr. Carpenter's favor. 


For more than five decades, Dr. David Carpenter has been a leader in the field of environmental toxins and human health, speaking truth to power and helping to educate a new generation of scientists. 

Read more about David. 

Read the statement by United University Professors vowing to "protect our members’ rights to engage in important academic inquiry without fear of retribution."

Check out the Feb. 15th story on New York State of Politics with Susan Arbetter. 

Latest Times Union Article: How the non-profit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is helping Dr. Carpenter with his case. 

Read the PEER Press Release: "Public Health Scientist Sidelined by Industry Tactics"

Read the editorial in Environmental Health News: "SUNY-Albany must stop doing Monsanto's work"

It's all part of the plan. Read the Bayer Company's press release.

Listen to the radio interview about David's case with former EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck. 

Read the Times Union's first article about Monsanto's plan to silence David Carpenter.

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